Our Prices

The following is not an exhaustive price list but it gives general guidance regarding the more commonly arising types of work we do. Prices shown here are expected to remain valid until 30 September 2018. These details are illustrative only and should not be taken to represent a contractual commitment by either party.

Personal Tax Returns – £160 for tax returns requiring up to 2 sets of supplementary pages to be completed. Higher rates may apply for more complex returns.

Payroll – prices depend on number of employees, the pay frequency (ie whether the employees are paid monthly, weekly, etc), and whether or not a pension scheme operates but begin at under £520 per annum.

Book-keeping, Annual Accounts and VAT returns – prices are related to turnover and are subject to a minimum threshold level which currently means that they begin at £293 for non-VAT registered companies and £329 for VAT registered ones.

Company Formations, etc – £130.10 for new company formations, £65.05 for takeovers/change of directors and £12.34 for annual re-registration and dissolutions. Fees are also payable to Companies House for these activities and they are not included in the amounts shown.

Work done at clients’ premises and certain ad hoc tasks are charged at an hourly rate which is currently £45.13 per hour. Time spent travelling to and from the clients’ premises will also be charged at this rate.

For further details about our fees and a no-obligation quote tailored to your specific needs please call us on 020-7732 8760 or e-mail email@faithinfinance.com.